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Out Of Body Experiences
Out Of Body Experiences

Out Of Body Experiences (OBE) of Maureen van Gurchom.

The very first memory of an OBE I had was when I was just a little baby of a few months old. I remember, having an “adult” awareness and observing myself lying in an old fashioned dark grey baby carriage. I think my soul wasn’t eager to enter permanently into a baby body haha. Don’t remember how or when I entered back in the baby body.

The second memory, I was about seven years old. I was on holiday at my aunts and was forced to do an afternoon nap. I slept on the lower part of a bunkbed. Because I wasn’t sleepy at all and rather angry at the adults, I started staring at the upperbed wishing, I could go out of my body. The very next moment, I was outside my body and I was flying in an immense universe, surrounded by planets and stars. It felt I had a huge ethereal lightbody awareness and there was only timeless space! I also remember that I wanted to stay there and did not want to come back in an earthbody/prison. My childhood, I experienced like supersensitive and rather sad. I saw and sensed things other people didn’t see or feel and that made me often feel so misunderstood.

From when I was at about 12 years old, I started to have what we call in Indonesian language, “ketindissan”. This often happened, before going to sleep. - Note; normally when our mind is on a daytime “beta frequency”, before going to sleep (theta and more deep delta frequency), we pass the alpha frequency, which is a deep relaxation of body and mind. It seems to me that my mind, skipped alpha. The state/dimension I came into was really unpleasantly. Like my physical body was not relaxed and my ethereal body wanted by all means coming out, before even reaching the alpha or theta state first. This caused resistance of my mind and physical body, which invariably paralysed my physical body, I could hear, smell, see, feel and breathe normally but couldn’t move a body part. I think I came into a fourth dimension, which frightened me terribly, because I saw, heard, felt negative beings and deceased persons. This “ketindissan” state I endured at about 2 or 3 times a week for the following twenty years. However, the last ten years of this episode, I got less and less scared and of course the more relaxed I became, before going out of body, the easier the shift. What then happened is that I started to help deceased people to cross over to the higher realms of the same fourth dimension and eventually into the Light.

Another particular OBE memory; I was sleeping with my ex-husband at my parents house. We slept in two single beds. He came out of his body and his bed towards my bed to wake me up, but the strange thing was, that my ethereal body woke up en was sitting on my bed, while my physical body kept sleeping, same like his, I don’t remember where we went with our ethereal bodies.

Two OBE's when I was involved in two traffic accidents. The first when I was fifteen years old, very much in love and after school on my moped in a hurry to meet with him. Crossing a highway with eyes wide shut, I was hit by a car. My ethereal body immediately flew out of my physical body and I saw it lying on the ground bleeding out of my head. I came back in my physical body because, when I was laying on a hospital stretcher and they rushed me into the hospital, they hit the doorpost and in some way I came back in my body and from that moment on I was crying out of the pain that I felt.

The other traffic accident happened on an early new year’s morning, after partying in Belgium. In a van with nine other family members and friends, we went back home to The Netherlands. The driver fell asleep; the car got off the road and tumbled over three times. I was sitting in front of the car and during the first tumbling, I left my body and came in a state of timelessness. In a split-second I saw my whole life passing by and was quit calm to accept that I was going to die in this car accident. But it wasn’t my time at all and brutal I came back in my body, when after the third tumbling, I was thrown out of the car and hit the ground.

Some thirty years ago, I had my first conscious OBE, during a reincarnation session. I went back to a former life I had in the 18th century in a little fisherman’s place at the coast of Belgium. I was a boy age 12. My only family was my grandmother, who raised me. When she passed away, I was left alone in the whole wide world. Because of lack of food and nutrition, I decided to break in people’s houses to steal their food. They came after me and I was hiding myself in the dunes near the beach for a long time. I passed away because of starvation and I remember to come out of my physical body. My ethereal body was looking down at my dead body, lying on the ground. Next moment I was pulled out of this three dimensional earth and came in a fourth dimensional state. That dimension I came into felt like a hell. Again there was no living soul near me. It was a dark cold and desolated desert and it seemed I had a lizard body that was crawling around in total disorientation. I don’t remember how long I stayed there, because of timelessness. Next thing being conscious again was, that I was preparing to reincarnate into my present body. I remember to enter in the foetus inside my mother and experienced being born again, that wasn’t pleasant at all. After I was born, I felt trapped in that physical baby’s body and my higher consciousness left me. I came back again in my adult body of the reincarnation session.

During a “Silva Mind” course I took in 1986, I learned to consciously go, with my ethereal body, inside for example a cell of a plant or mineral. Of course with the highest respect for the host (plant/mineral) to let me experience, that secret life of plant/mineral. I learned also to communicate with animals, plants and minerals like crystals.

This brings me to the OBE’s I had in Egypt 2008. I went with my sister to the Great Pyramid of Giza. When we came into the Kings Chamber, there was fortunately nobody there accept me and my sister. We laid ourselves down in the sarcophagus, side by (opposite) side to meditate. The moment I lay there, I heard a deep roaring sound that seems to come from under the pyramid. It felt like the whole pyramid was a vibrating portal/spaceship almost ready to take off. Next moment I was out of my body and had an expanded ethereal body and consciousness and I was travelling in the Milky Way surrounded by other planets and stars. Also my sister was experiencing the same thing. We came back in our bodies when some young Egyptian students came into the Kings Chamber. When coming back to the pyramid a few days later with two of my sisters, again in the Kings Chamber, I saw them both shapeshifting in High Priest Hathor’s, probably former lives in Egypt. Immediately after seeing their shape shift, I came Out of Body and was placed on Sirius. This time, the Kings Chamber was full with a group of meditating tourists and I came back in my body when “normal’' tourists came in. These Egypt’s OBE’s helped me travelling easier and more conscious in space and especially in time.

One of the most special OBE’s I had was with a pink quartz Crystal Skull. This Crystal Skull (don’t remember her name) guided me to a former life of me. In this life I was an Aztec child of seven years old. I was buried alive to offer me to the Aztec’s Gods. This trauma, endured in one of my former lives, caused me a profound fear for pit black places/small rooms in my present life. In a meditation session, the pink Crystal Skull, guided me to go back to that life, to the moment they were burying me. She said that I could go out of that body, before the physical dead took place, so I wouldn’t suffer the emotional death battle. So I took the decision to leave my body and could see them throwing sand at me, but it didn’t made me suffer no more. After that session, I lost a big part of fear in my present life.

Here some OBE’s helping other people.
Years ago the 24th year old daughter of a good friend of me passed away on a Thursday night. Friday I came to my friends house to support her in her grieve. My friend is a very religious woman. I sensed that her daughter was on a very high and Light vibration, trying to communicate with her mother that she is all right where she is now. I “saw” her, not able to reach her of course intense sad mother. She asked me to help her. Very carefully I said to my friend, that her daughter was in the Light with God. My friend turned almost angry at me, crying out, that she knows that, but never ever could hold her anymore. I was sitting next to her on the coach and in a split-second I agreed with my friend’s daughter, that she could take over my physical body to embrace her mother. I went easily out of body, to let the daughter embrace her mother, who immediately calmed down and stopped crying.

This occurred another time on a birthday party of a good friend. In the evening, we were gathering in the garden. Another friend was emotionally talking about her mother who passed away when she was a teenager. I was sitting in a chair. I sensed the proximity of my friend’s deceased mother for some time. Again in a split-second, I went out of body, almost automatically opened my arms, looked at my friend with her mothers eyes and my friend came sitting on my lap, instantly she knew that it wasn’t me but her mother, taking over my body.

Five years ago, close friends of my husband and me lost their teenage daughter in a car accident. She was buried on a Thursday. On Friday night, I heard her cry for help and I went out of body. I came inside here coffin near her. She felt locked up in that coffin, caused by her mothers grieve. I asked Archangel Michael to take her to the Light, which he did and explained me that she was taking care of. Her ethereal body was out of the coffin and finally mine could also return to my body and bed.

In 2012, my brother in law committed suicide on a Saturday evening. He “called” me on the following Monday night. I came out of body and felt myself unpleasant freezing from cold lying near to him in the cool cell of the morgue. I saw his deceased parents waiting for him to come with them to the Light, but he refused to go with them. Then I saw a Violet column of Light and told him to go into that Light, which he refused again. Only thing left for me was to ask Archangel Michael again to bring him to the Light, which he did.

At this moment going OBE for me is like travelling to all the places in time and space, the Multidimensional-Life frequencies. Not out of curiosity of my ego mind, but out of real yearning from the deepest parts of my soul to explore, to ascend and not at least, help mankind and mother earth, with all her species to ascend and becoming Aware Galactic Multidimensional Light Beings!
I can easily go out of body at will, but always, always with the highest respect for All What Is! If for what reason or another, it doesn’t feel good, I won’t do OBE!

I have had, Light Beings taking over my physical body during a channelling. Also during “automatic writing” the Lightbeing Group MOA (Masters Of Advice) take over my body.
Almost every morning under the shower, I go OBE. And most of the times I remember where I went with my ethereal body and what I did there. This works out better FOR ME than trying to remember the adventures during sleep and night time.

The (for now) last OBE I want to share, is one I had during a Sound Massage Healing. After going out of body, I came in a strange “plasma” world. I was surrounded by an environment of an alien nature. There was a sea, with a beach. There were mountains and the air, the sky and all I saw were of an unearthly and transparent colour, kind of yelly-ish. With my ethereal body I could place myself inside the mountains and as well as there, as under water, I could breath. I saw all kind of life forms, but was not allowed to contact or to communicate with them. It seemed to me, like it was an unfolding new world in progress and I was there to witness in wonder, silence and respect.

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