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Never Ending Story
De singer/songwriter in mij, Maureen Ma'kena, heeft onder andere in samenwerking met meerdere musici, diverse nummers geschreven/gecomponeerd.
Door het multidimensionele leven geïnspireerde songs, waarbij ik de lyrics altijd gechanneld heb doorgekregen.

More and more, we the people, all over the world, are becoming aware, that we all are a “Multidimensional Being”.
We are asking ourselves now: “What If All Dreams Will Come True”?
So we are gathering together now, knowing that “Communicating Is Creating A New Reality” and feeling that “The Time Is Now”!
We got off our knees and by releasing fear, we can experience actually that “Oneness Is Fun”.
We are the ones, we’ve been waiting for. So “Lets Pass The Portal Of Eleven” and join the expanding “Army Of Light”.
Finally we are coming “Out Of The Comfort Zone” and slavery.
We are connecting and communicating with the Higher Selves of plants, animals and extraterrestrials and are getting their help and support, through “Healing Sounds And Emotions”.
It was a long and winding road “From Ataghar To Agharta”. However, we freely chose, back then, to forget how Devine we were, only to experience the very dense third dimension, time after time, cycle after cycle.
But now we all got a wake-up call from our Higher Selves, to take the “Shortcut To Ascension”.
We’re about to arrive at the Kukulcan top, the ancient Mayan pyramid of Chichen Izta, calendar of End-of-Times 2012 and more important “End Of Nights”!
Maureen van Gurchom, 29-10-2011

Songs door Maureen Ma'kena:
  • The Ultimate Love Song
  • I am Back
  • End of Nights
  • Shortcut to Ascension
  • From Ataghar to Agartha
  • Healing Sounds and Emotions
  • Out of the Comfort Zone
  • Army of Light
  • Let's pass the Portal of Eleven
  • Oneness is Fun
  • The Time is Now
  • Communicating
  • What if all your dreams come true
  • Multidimensional Being

Dit repertoire kan ik voor U ten gehore brengen op speciale gelegenheden.

Voor verdere informatie en kosten kunt U met mij contact met mij opnemen.

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